AI Exhibition Object on Decision Trees

Screenshot of the UI

This app wants to give you an intuitive understanding of what machine learning is. It’s not just neural networks, and it’s not black magic. Your task is to help Bob, a newly arriving student in Tübingen. Bob needs an apartment, but he’s not sure which rents are appropriate for which kind of apartments. After all, different parts of the town have different rent standards. Help him create a so-called ‘decision tree’ to divide the town into areas with similar rents, and then compete against the AI to see who’s better at estimating rents!

This project is part of the AI exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Tübingen, which is still open until 21st January 2024. Check it out if you’re around - and let me know your thoughts :)

Tim Weiland
Tim Weiland
PhD student

Interested in fundamental machine learning research. I like math and software engineering and believe that both are crucial to build better algorithms.